Where are you from?
 I am originally from Buffalo, New York and made the move to Los Angeles to study at UCLA. I had always wanted to explore the Big Apple so after school, and working in Los Angeles in film finance for a few years, I moved back to the east coast to live in NYC. During my time there, I met and fell in love with my husband who introduced me to the wonders of Miami Beach. 

How long have you lived in Miami? I’ve lived in Miami since 2011. Miami is the perfect combination of sunshine, thriving businesses and an emphasis on family life. I truly could not ask for a better city to raise my children alongside my amazing husband. 

How many children do you have and what are their ages?
My husband and I have two beautiful little ones. We have an eight-year-old girl named Alivia and a six-year-old boy named Asher.  

You have a passion for health and wellness, can you tell us about your skin care product, Molluscum Away?
Molluscum Away™ products are formulated using plant-based, non-toxic, natural ingredients to help sooth and eliminate irritating skin rashes! Our sticky patches are easy to apply and doctor approved!

What is Molloscum for those who aren’t familiar and how do you contract it?
Molluscum contagiosum is a highly contagious virus, spread by human contact as well as object to person contact. Everyday objects such as furniture, linens, clothing, towels, baths, pools, and toys are common contact sources. It’s common for children to contract the virus in school. 

How did you know there was a need for this product?
I knew there was a need for Molluscum Away™ in my desperate experience to help both my kiddos fight off feisty molloscum.In 2018, my daughter Alivia came home with a few bumps on her neck. After a check at the doctor’s, it was clear that she had Molluscum, an irritating skin rash that often spreads and lingers for years. They first tried an aggressive beetle juice treatment, that left poor Alivia blistered and out of school for the week. Still, the feisty rash remained and soon multiplied to spread across her body. After copious amounts of at home remedies, including creams, ointments and lotions, the rash was unmoved. My last resort was to scrape off the mollsucum, a surgical and painful process that left scarring on Alivia’s body.

Shortly after Alivia was molluscum-free, my son Asher came down with a case of mollsucum. On one occasion, Asher went for a playdate with his friend and I got a call a few weeks later that Asher had passed on the rash to his buddy. This made me determined to find a solution for not just my kids, but the many others out there who were experiencing the same symptoms. In 2019, I began working with a doctor to create a natural treatment that both protects against spreading and helps to relieve symptoms. Many patches later, and the first Mollsucum Away™ patch was tested on little Asher.

 When will the product be available for purchase and how do find it?
It’s available NOW and can be purchased through our site,  molluscumaway.com!

In addition to Molluscum Away, you also have a very popular CLEAN protein bar, can you tell us a little about TRUWOMEN Bars.
Obsessed with blurring the lines between healthy and delicious, TRUWOMEN protein products celebrate the flavor profiles of the most iconic desserts using only simple ingredients that are Plant Fueled™ and no junk. Beyond our drool-worthy protein bars and powders, TRUWOMEN practices better business by driving a new frontier of leadership for women—elevating and providing opportunities for them.

How  do we get our hands on a delicious bar?
While we are in various local fitness studios and wellness storefronts throughout Miami, the easiest way to get your hands on TRUWOMEN is through Amazon!

As a working mom and business owner, any tips for balancing work and motherhood?
Building companies has been extremely energizing because the heart and soul of the brands coexists with the healthy and balanced lifestyle I lead. However, the only way I have been able to achieve true work/life balance is by having a family who works together as one unit. We are a living, breathing exemplar of the phrase “it takes a village.” Despite both my husband and I running a million miles per hour on our separate projects, we make it a priority to be communicative in how we need each other’s support on a day-to-day basis. 

What’s your favorite family activity in Miami Beach?
We love all being together and doing simple things, like playing basketball,swimming in our backyard, and inviting over for a BBQ!

Where’s your favorite restaurant for family dinners in Miami?
My go-to spot is Juice and Java! We love going there as a family, because there is something healthy and delicious for everyone…And, that’s saying a lot because we all four eat very differently!

What’s your favorite thing to do when you need some “me time”?
I absolutely love winding down with a massage. In fact, I would get one every single night if I could. Instead, I try to squeeze one in on Sunday before a new week begins!


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