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Let’s face it, going out with kids isn’t always easy, especially on a school night, but there is hope to still make your families V-Day special!

Do something that is less prep, and more fun!

Grocery List

Publix Ready Made Dough


Pizza Sauce


Low Moisture mozzarella cheese


Preferred Toppings

   Head on over to your Local Pubix and visit the bakery section. There’s a magical little fridge with pre made pizza dough. (And make sure you head down the wine aisle and look out for BOGO’s) Once home we let it sit on the counter for about 2-3 hours before we started, and we actually cut our dough balls in half. Each of our kids was able to make their own personalized pizza, which means all us moms had to do was make the ingredients accessible. For a little touch of love we made a tiny cut in the top which made it easy to make the dough heart shaped. They poked holes into the dough, and got to putting on sauce and cheese! While we had other ingredients ready all of ours opted for plain cheese.



Once those toppings are on each pizza needs about 15 minutes to bake at 400 degrees or until the cheese begins to brown. Grab a pizza cutter and slice. These are so easy to put together.

Here are some tips for a smooth pizza making session:

  •  Keep flour accessible it makes the do manageable and less sticky
  • Place cornmeal on your baking pan to make sure it doesn’t stick
  • Poke holes with a fork in the dough to prevent air bubbles
  • Clear a large surface, clean it and, prep on a counter or table




Family time in the kitchen can be wonderful and enjoyable!

We completely understand that sometimes kids in the kitchen is pure chaos, but we are focusing on less stress more fun! Buy those ingredients pre shredded and ready to cook. place the in accesibble bowls and break out the paper plates for an even easier clean up! While those pizzas cook havee evryone pick up a cleaning task and by the time they come out gather aorund the table and enjoy! Dont rush through dinner sit back and enjoy tasting the creations.

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