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How to pack a Brain Powered lunch that will leave your kids feeling Focused and Energized throughout the day.

When my kids first started school one of my biggest concerns was how to keep them well fed and satisfied while attending school or with another caregiver. Were their teachers going to help them eat during lunch time ? Would they have enough time to finish their food and feel nurtured? Would their food travel well to school and be warm by lunch time?

I recently attended a workshop with Centner Academy , a bilingual language school opening this fall ’19 and Dr. Kristin Reihman where we learned how to nurture ourselves and our children using three basic principles.

  1. Moderate Lean Protein
  2. Healthy Fats
  3. Minimal Carbs


Child Portion Sizes

If you picture your child’s lunchbox as a plate and divide it into 4 sections and imagine 1 serving size is the size of their palm ~ ¼ cup for a child.

¼ Cup Vegetable                   ¼ Cup Protein
(Snap Peas,                             Nitrate Free- Deli Slices – Chicken , Turkey
Bell Pepper Slices,                   Roasted Chickpeas, Hardboiled Egg, Chicken Salad
Cucumber, Celery)                  Quinoa w/ Flax Seeds

¼ Cup high fiber/                    1tbsp Healthy Fat
Antioxidant Fruit

Apple Slices, Blueberries,       Avocado  ¼ of Fruit
Raspberries, Strawberries,     1 tbsp Seed Butter(Organic Sunbutter)
Pomegranate Seeds,               1tbsp Flaxseed Oil drizzle on Protein
Pears                                       Coconut Butter spread on Grain Free Muffin


Weekly Lunch Menu:

Monday: Egg Wrapsfilled with Nitrate free Turkey Breast , Blueberries, Bell Pepper Slices

Tuesday: Healthy Zucchini Carrot Muffins, Apples w/ Seed Butter

Wednesday: Cihcken Salad Made w/ Olive oil mayow/ Snap Peas & ¼ cup Raspberries

Thursday:  Quinoa Pizza Bitesw/ and Marina Sauce Dipping & Pear Slices

Friday:  Full Fat Yogurt Parfait- Try Siggis Plain w/ Frozen Berries

Layered in & Drizzle Honey & 1tbsp Organic Sunbutter

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