How to Minimize Sugar Overload on Halloween | The Miami Moms

While Trick or Treating can be a fun time for our munchkins, Most parents dread thinking about how much sugar and candy is consumed on Halloween Night! 

Follow these tips to help control sugar overload: 

  1. Feed Kids a Healthy Nutritious Dinner before heading out to Trick or Treat. I recommend Healthy Fats and Protein w/ plenty of Vegetables.  
  2. Drink LOTS of Water. Especially in Miami. Halloween night is a sweaty one, kids are trekking up and down neighborhood streets , running from house to house and all that exerted energy leaves them tired and dehydrated. Our bodies crave sugar when dehydrated , so keep the little ones hydrated with H2O
  3. Allow them to eat organic lollipops while trick or treating. These candies take much much longer to consume and they’re made from whole fruits and natural ingredients that won’t have too many negative affects on those pearly whites.  
  4. Tell them to listen to their belly! No one likes a belly ache after a long night of partying. If kids take the time to gage their ‘fullness’ They can be responsible for limiting their own candy intake. 

And will all that said,Halloween comes 1x a year so relax and have FUN! There’s always tomorrow for healthy options 🙂 

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