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Tabitha Brown is a New York Times-bestselling author, an Emmy-award winning actress who has hosted shows on Food Network and the Ellen Digital Network, and a veritable social media star with almost 10 million combined followers on TikTok and Instagram. Her fans love her for her fresh take on veganism, her relatable humor and more.

Tabitha’s latest book, I Did A New Thing: 30 Days to Living Free, has once again landed her on the New York Times bestseller list and been featured by everywhere from Good Morning America to Oprah.

In addition to all of these varied accomplishments, Tabitha is a mom of two; daughter Choyce is 22 and son Quest is 11 (she also has a bonus daughter, Tyleah, who is 28). As this week’s Meet a Mom interview, Tabitha shares the inspiration behind this newest book, her perspective as a mom of kids with an age gap and more.

Congratulations on your newest bestseller! What is the “I Did a New Thing” Challenge – and when did you realize you had the material from it for another book?
The challenge is all about doing one new thing,  whether it be big or small, daily for 30 days and then reflecting on how it made you feel. I started it in 2014 and have been doing it every year since. So I decided to do it in real time and journal the process to turn it into a book.

Oprah recently shared a chapter about ending relationships that are no longer serving you. Can you share why this was such an important one to include?
I’m still blown away of the possibility that Oprah even knows me, ha!  But this chapter has been one of the toughest in my life, so I thought if it’s hard for me, it must be hard for others, so I wanted to share my experience.

Love your joyful relationship with food and how you share it on social media. How did going vegan change your life?  How are you raising your daughter to have a great relationship with food?
I was sick for one year and 7 months with no answers or diagnosis from doctors, and going vegan cured all my symptoms! It literally saved my life. My daughter is 22 and my son is 11 but I’ve always given them the knowledge I’ve learned about food as I’ve been on my journey for 61/2 years. With knowledge, they are free to make their own decisions. But I do make food delicious and fun and that always helps when getting them to try new things.

As a mom with kids with a big age gap, did you parent any differently the “second” time around?
I absolutely parented each child differently. They all were born in different stages of my life and also are all different humans. We can’t parent each child the same, because they aren’t the same. I realized that as a child myself, because my parents sometimes parented me and my sister the same and it wasn’t always fair. But they did the best they knew how. Sometimes it’s ok and necessary to unlearn what we were taught.

Very true. What advice do you give to your kids about career and life?
Choyce is growing a name for herself as an actress and social media influencer and Queston is passionate about following his dad into basketball – how do you encourage and advise them? I tell my kids to dream big, be consistent, stay true to yourself and do the work! I’m so proud of them all.

You mentioned your own upbringing – how else are you raising your kids differently than you grew up?
I’m so thankful for my Momma and Daddy and how they raised me, but I have learned so much as an adult. Raising them in Los Angeles versus a small country town is a huge difference. Raising them to love God on a personal level…I grew up being guilted into religion and church and I will never do that to my children. It’s important to teach them Gods love is everywhere we are.

What do you think the most important thing to remember when growing a social media platform?
Being true and honest. People are watching you; be mindful that if it’s you they are supporting then “You” have to be honest with them.


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