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Marla Sokoloff in her favorite role of director


Marla Sokoloff’s resume reads like a hitlist of 90s classic television, including memorable roles on iconic shows like Full House (and more recently, Fuller House), 7th Heaven, Boy Meets World and Party of Five. She gained a new set of fans during her six-year stint on The Practice.

Sokoloff’s personal life has also garnered attention, with a previous five-year relationship with James Franco, and current marriage to Deadsy drummer Alex Puro, with whom she shares daughters Elliotte (11), Olive (7), and Harper (1).

Today, despite being a working mom of three, she looks younger now than when she played Gia on Full House opposite Jodie Sweetin and the Olsen twins.

In this week’s Meet a Mom interview, the LA-based actress shares details of her favorite role, her beauty secret weapon, and her transition to directing.

Your CV is full of core memory 90s television shows. What was your favorite role over the years?
That’s a tough one! I truly look back on all of those experiences with such extreme fondness. I would say that The Practice was the most memorable because it was so many years of my life. And Full House because it was such a pivotal moment in my career.

Marla and Jodie Sweetin on the set of Full House

Do your older daughters watch Full or Fuller House?
They were very into Fuller House, and even came to a few tapings! They realize that mom has a face that some people may know but it doesn’t seem to phase them.

Very cool. What was it like getting together with the Full House crew after so many years?
Surreal! It was a real moment walking back onto that stage and seeing the sets and the cast. Even after multiple episodes into it, my mind was blown.

You have a 1-year-old as well as two older kids. What was the transition like going from 2 to 3?
Great question. Going from 2-3 was definitely a big transition for all of us. I really put a lot of effort into making the big girls feel special since I knew the baby would be pretty all-consuming. But I always say, nothing is as hard as going from 0 to 1! Your life completely changes; adding a third wasn’t much of a life change as much as it was a workload change.

I would actually say, I felt better in my postpartum phase in my 40s than I did in my 30s. Maybe my body is now programmed to the exhaustion setting so it doesn’t feel so intense. Being pregnant was a different vibe, I could barely keep my eyes open… that burst of energy never came.

 The exhaustion is so real. How do you prioritize your marriage—congrats on 13 years!
Thank you so much! I really appreciate that. We have a standing date night, every Thursday. We almost never skip it unless I’m away shooting. I love that it’s during the week in lieu of the weekend because then we can focus on our girls on the weekends. Plus, it always gives us something to look forward to!

Such a good idea. Why did you decide to start directing?
I got to this place (about seven years ago) where I felt frustrated. I love creating and I love acting, but something was missing for me. The second I started shadowing directors and creating my own content, I knew that was what I needed to focus on.

I love being involved in every kernel of the process from beginning to end. I also really love being able to give opportunities to people that I love to work with and actors who don’t get the jobs they deserve.

Marla and her family

Amazing. If your daughters wanted to start acting would you encourage it?
I will always encourage my daughters to do whatever they want to do! I love the idea of giving them the tools to help them learn, acting classes, etc. to take into their adult lives.

And what advice would you give to moms with kids who want to act?
Make sure your kids really love it and are doing it for the right reasons. This business is tough and if you aren’t in love with it, the journey will not be worth it.

Your skin looks amazing. Can you drop your skincare regime?
You are extremely kind, thank you! I am obsessed with skincare. My routine at night takes some time – ha! But sunscreen during the day is non-negotiable; I wear a big hat in the sun; and drink lots of water. Also, my skin is very dry so face oil is a must. I love Sonya Dakar Omega Oil (I always feel like I’m doing a commercial for her but I’m just a fan).

What’s your go-to mom uniform?
Jeans and a sweatshirt or tee shirt! I’m boring. My favorite jeans are Mother Denim and my best sweatshirt is from Hanes.

What’s the mom strategy you use for handling busy times?
Are there any times that aren’t busy? Ha! I’ve learned to stack my tasks. For example, if one kid has an activity – go to the market during that hour. If you are overseeing homework – get dinner started and have them close by. I know this isn’t groundbreaking, but I noticed that I wasn’t being very efficient with my time blocks. I would sit in the car and wait for my kids when I could be tackling Trader Joe’s.

Thanks for sharing! What’s next for you?
I’m writing a few projects that I hope to start production on in the summer!



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