Meet a Mom with Evelyn Founder of Hatch + Bloom - The Miami Moms

Where did you grow up:
Born in Colombia, and have lived in Miami, FL since I was a
wobbling toddler.

Town you live in now:
 Miami, FL

Why you love living there: CULTURE BLEND! Our food scene is getting pretty
eclectic and I’m loving it more everyday. I love Miami to raise kids, lots of time spent
outdoors, ocean-y vibes, plus everyone seems to be in on Mom time over here (hence
why rush hour traffic is at its peak at 10 am)

Tell me about your kids:  I have one sassy, spirited daughter, Liv. Rather than only
teach, I try to learn something from her every day. She has so much charisma, and is a
loving (and sometimes aggressive) big sister to our boxer puppy, Mowgli.
Favorite things to do with the kids locally: Parks are a favorite now that she proudly
rides a tricycle, especially Edgewater & South Pointe. We love grabbing breakfast +
dining in areas where we can roam afterwards (Edgewater, south of fifth, design district,
sunset harbor, etc). We love creative movement classes like the ones at State of Kid.
Beach days, tons of ice-cream and sushi dates (even though she will only order white
rice), and for rainy days we love movies & cupcake decorating at Bunnie Cakes.

What’s your ‘day job’?  How did you get started with it? I am a Mental Health
Therapist, specializing in early childhood development/parenting. I got into this area once I understood about the importance of the parent’s role in the first 5 years of a
child’s life—it can literally determine the child’s future path in relationships, resilience,
learning, emotional intelligence, and so much more! I recently founded my company,
Hatch + Bloom. Most of my work now is to empower expectant Mamas and Mamas of
Littles (groups, workshops, parent sessions) to parent mindfully, and with confidence!

If Parents are interested in attending workshops and classes, where can they
attend your sessions?
Current workshops are at State of Kid or my office in Aventura. Soon-to-be in Gymboree
Merrick park, and scouting locations in Broward!

What is your best parenting advice. Lay it on us.  
Simplify! Being in the age of information & social media, we tend to overwhelm
ourselves with approaches to follow, products to buy, perfectionism… What your child
really needs is your presence, quality time, and even your mess ups (they will be good
for his preparation of the real world!) So take a deep breath, and just be with your child.

What do you do for self care? BARRY’S BOOTCAMP JUNKIE. I sprint and burpee
my stresses away about 5 days a week. Casamigos tequila + girlfriends help with the
other two!

Anything else you want to share? 
1. I am a first time dog mom, and I finally get it. Fur babies are totally part of self-care too (except when puppies!)
2. I have a girl crush on parenting guru, Shefali Tsabary. I quote her in almost every one of my classes.
3. Kids are way more resilient than we think they are.

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