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Hi moms!
I am a mom of three, and they are the best part or my life!
My name is Nicole Chow. Chinese last name through marriage, my husband however, is actually Jamaican!
I was born in NJ to Cuban parents who moved us to Florida when I was still in elementary school.
So my children are a good mix, or “un arroz (Chino) con mango”! Wink wink.
I do my best to keep up with a variety of roles in my life: mom, homeschool mom, entrepreneur, stay at home mom, childrens yoga teacher, WIFE, daughter, friend, sister, the list goes on…and still an INDIVIDUAL above all, with purpose and faith to push and guide me through each of these journeys.
How many children do you have and what are their ages? 
“My one and only”, my daughter, will be eight at the end of the year; and my two sons, my summer babies, are two and five.
What are you favorite activities/ places to go here in Miami? Tell us what you guys love doing as a family, describe the perfect day! 
Although its hot here in Miami, more than we’d like, our favorite thing is to be outside – preferably with friends.
However, if you ask my kids what MY favorite thing to do is, they will answer: “Hanging out with us!”.
Some of our favorite spots are Zoo Miami, as it is a five minute drive for us. I’ve always described it as: “At minimum, a playground with live animals.”
Its one of our regular spots, it never gets old, and it’s big enough to find a new adventure every time.
Adventure, is what drives our agenda, visiting parks and beaches all around the city.
In Matheson Hammocks we hike the paved trail through mangroves from the park area in the front parking lot to the beach area, or the back parking lot. A full day always leaves us with more we still want to do on our next visit.
Another surf and turf adventure we dig is walking Black Point Marina’s jetty. Wading the water for treasures is a priceless reward for the kids after a trek during any Miami afternoon.
Both Black Point and Matheson are best during low tide.
As you notice our favorite places have a common theme: outside and able to cool off in water, either by splash pad, ocean, or a pool if possible.
Have you ever visited Jacobs Aquartic Center in Key Largo? Its a little over a well-worth 30 minute drive. Our family loves it! I get to enjoy an afternoon with zero complaints of being hot or bored, and the kids definitely release lots of energy while having a blast. Jacobs has two pools, one with dividing boards, and you guessed it: an amazing splash pad that sits in an oversize kiddie pool about a foot deep.

In addition to being an amazing Mom, tell us a little bit about your career/ and or ways you are involved in the community! 
What do you like about your job/ or volunteer positions? 

My husband and I agreed to homeschool our children when my daughter was just two years old, in 2015, around the time our first son was born.
Since staying home I have become certified through Kidding Around Yoga, which allowes me to work and choose hours and days that fit my children and family best, however little or much according to our needs.
Our family lifestyle teaches us the importance and the beauty in community. As a “homeschool family” our lives are enriched by families and bonds that we make through community.
I recently started a new career venture that has given me an opportunity to help others, While providing me with tools that engage me with the company community to learn and improve to continue to grow.
My favorite thing about my work and community involvement is building relationships and being willing is holding myself accountable. It’s a great example for the kids, and the fastest way to learn and grow.
What is the best piece of advice you have gotten from another Mom? 
I’ve meet so many wonderful moms, teachers, and parents who I cherish for the wisdom I am able to gain from each community I am a part of. I think above all the best piece of mom-advise that I always try to remember, specially now and days that many of us are restricted to each other’s lives through mere social media, is to not compare yourself.
It is advise that can be used on the yoga mat, when measuring your child’s milestones, your family vacations, even in business as I am practicing now.
How are you juggling things during Covid 19? 
Missing our friends, we’ve still been lucky to enjoy many of favorite spots during the current pandemic, keeping our visits to week days when it isn’t as crowded, and maintaining social distancing.
When we stay home some of the kids favorite activities tend to be, going on bike rides, visit our community pool, play in the sprinkler in our yard, create scavenger hunts and obstacle courses, and following how-to drawing videos on YouTube together. I love using their masterpieces as wall art in our home.
Love & blessings,
Mom of Chow Trinity
Little Yogi Yoga with Niki

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