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Florida is a surrogate friendly state; this means that a woman looking to be a surrogate or an intended parent seeking to grow their family with a surrogate has the ability to do so right here in Sunshine State! Now more than ever this Taboo topic has really gained spotlight, after many celebrities, like Kim Kardashian and Ricky Martin, used surrogacy services openly! But what are the details of service is provided and who benefits from it? So we asked the professionals!

How do I get started?

When you decide to be a parent or a surrogate you want to work with an established agency!  There should be  an extensive process to qualify surrogates which includes delivery records, medical clearance, home visit, background check and verification of a responsible lifestyle. With our agency we like to introduce surrogates and intended parents to our reputable fertility partners who are industry experts.  These partnerships include clinic referrals, lawyers, escrow companies and psychologists. Many of our fertility partners have been working with us since we founded Fertility Heaven in 2012.

What kind of situations would call for a surrogate?

  • Couples who have struggled with infertility
  • Intended mothers who are unable to carry a child because of age or medical conditions
  • Gay men who need a surrogate and egg donor to complete a family
  • Intended parents who have a positive genetic gene that can be passed to their child
What kind of Surrogacy is Legal in Florida? 

Gestational Surrogacy is the standard practice for surrogacy in Florida because the surrogate is not genetically related to the embryo.  The embryo may be genetically related to the intended mother or an egg donor is used.  The intended father is most likely the genetic father of the embryo.  Surrogacy laws in Florida are clear and provides peace of mind for the parties that are in the process.

What is the Legal Agreement in the Surrogacy Process? 

The surrogate and the intended parents each have a lawyer specializing in reproductive law to outline the details of the surrogacy journey and acknowledge parental rights of the intended parents.

Surrogacy contracts are the first step in the process and are very lengthy. The contract outlines the role of the surrogate and intended parents to provide security and clarity for all parties involved.  If the surrogate has a spouse, they will also be included in the legal agreement.The agreement will include the surrogate’s fee and what expenses will be covered separate from her fee. The agreement will also state if the child is genetically related to the parents or not.  In addition, it will state the surrogate’s consent to medical procedures, receiving prenatal care and relinquishing the child at birth to the intended parents.  It will also specify that the intended parents will accept parental rights over the child regardless of whether it is healthy or not. The second step in the legal process is the intended parents will claim parentage.  Usually during the 5 month of the surrogate’s pregnancy, the parents will start the process of the pre-birth order with the court to be recognized as the baby’s legal parents.

What does surrogacy cost in Florida?

Surrogacy is an expensive process and many intended parents will consider loans to build their family.  The cost will range from $100,000 to $150,000.  The price depends on the cost of the agency, the fertility clinic you selected, the fee to the surrogate and whether you need a surrogate and an egg donor.

With our agency, Fertility Heaven,  we use fixed cost structure’s which means the parents will know exactly how much everything will cost.  This includes the agency fee, surrogate fee, egg donor fee, medical insurance and legal expenses.  There are no hidden fees in our service and surrogates and egg donors are rematched at no additional agency fees.

Do surrogates meet the intended parents?

Yes, when intended parents are interested in a surrogate, a meet and greet is scheduled.  The surrogate and intended parents need to make sure there is chemistry and a willingness to go through this journey together.  It is a one-year commitment so the surrogate and intended parents need to feel good about doing the journey together.

What is the treatment for a surrogate?

The treatment involves different medications with the ultimate goal of preparing the surrogate for a successful embryo transfer.  The fertility treatment may include low doses of estrogen and progesterone.  Lupron injections and patches are also added to the treatment. The estradiol patches help grow the lining of the uterus to secure an early pregnancy.

What happens when the surrogate delivers at the hospital?

Your doctor and hospital will know that you are carrying a baby for another family.  The intended mother will be in the delivery room with you.  The intended mother may be the one cutting the umbilical cord.  The baby will stay with the intended parents in the hospital room with them.  The baby will go home with the intended parents when the baby is released from the hospital.

How much does a surrogate earn in Florida?

Compensation with our particular agency ranges from $35,000 to $55,000.  First time surrogates are started at $35,000.  The surrogate can earn more if she is willing to carry twins or has been a surrogate before.  She can also make more money, if she has medical insurance the intended parents can use for the surrogacy journey. The surrogate can earn an additional $5,000 to $10,000.  The monthly premium is covered by the parents.  If she does not have insurance the parents will provide medical insurance. The average surrogate in Florida earns a total compensation of $48,000.

Who can be a Surrogate? 

Any healthy woman who has had at least 1 child, stay at home mom or employed full time.

A little bit about our source! 

Fertility Heaven is a full-service egg donor and surrogacy agency located in Miami Beach, FL.  We have been building families in Florida, nationwide and internationally since 2012. Fertility heaven was founded out of the love for building families through egg donation and surrogacy.  Surrogacy is a beautiful way to have a family.  At Fertility Heaven we do our best to make it extra special for everyone.  We offer an intimate approach and are available to you 24/7.  As part of our service, the surrogate is assigned a case manager who is a medical professional.

If anyone is interested in being a surrogate, egg donor or intended parent, we love to hear from you. We will meet with you in person at our office or via video if you are not close to our location.

This topic is one that we believe should be more open for conversation, but we also know that getting accurate information is very important! We appreciate Fertility Heaven for providing the most accurate and up to date information!


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